How should Facebook Marketing be used by Realtors? Today we want to remind you 5 Reasons why your Facebook page may be failing or giving a false picture of your real estate business and how to fix it.


We’re going to assume in this article that you have a Facebook page. At least one “Personal Page”.


What? Are you a realtor and do not have a facebook page? Shhh, do not tell anyone and create one now! Now !, right now !, a personal page on Facebook and a Fan Page for your real estate business.


It will only take you a couple of hours. Do not let your competition laugh at you. Facebook is not the Holy Grail, but almost. You do not know the money you are leaving on the table!


Let’s continue with the assumption that you have a Facebook page. Have you logged in to Facebook today? Most likely, you are one of the millions, of millions of users who check their account daily. Why you do that? What is your reason for so many sporadic visits to Facebook?


The real question I want to ask you is: Are you using Facebook to generate quality leads? Do you use it to capture properties? Or do you use it for entertainment and relax a little?


Well, if you’re wondering why you do not get more contacts on Facebook, I guarantee that at least one of these 5 common mistakes is the culprit.


Facebook for Realtors: Your Profile and what you publish.


These are the 5 main reasons we’ve noticed why most real estate agents fail on Facebook Marketing and what they can do to fix them:


Error # 1: Your Facebook Profile is the Wrong one or it is a Disaster.


The main mistake that real estate agents make on Facebook is to use a personal profile, instead of their commercial page to do business. Those who have a company page may think this is incredible, but I can assure you that most real estate agents, today, either have no presence on Facebook or only have a personal page.


Obviously, you can build your network and use your personal connections to sell or capture them; but you need a business page to generate credibility. This is where the difference really is and where you start to have an adequate presence on Facebook, to generate customers looking to buy or sell a property.


On your personal page, you cannot post ads and grow your real estate business; You cannot keep track of your participation and you definitely cannot create an audience interested in your services and your properties.


Personal Facebook limits you to only 5,000 friends and although they may seem like many, it is far from the 10,000 or 20,000 followers that some agencies or agents have.


Solution # 1: Create a Company Page.


Almost 80% of the real estate agencies, (there are some who are still clueless), interact with new customers through their Facebook Company Page. This page is like a second website, which is linked to the website.


Your Facebook Company page will also appear in Google results when people search your name or real estate similar to the ones you have or a real estate service in your area. Your potential customers will see posts, images and photos on Google. However, everything you post on your Personal Facebook Profile will not appear on Google.


Once you create your Facebook page, be sure to complete your information as detailed as possible in the “Information” tab that you will find on the right. Take your time and fill in this tab carefully, because it depends on whether or not you appear in the Facebook searches, (every day is more), and in Google and Bing searches.


The heart of this “Information” page is to provide the legal notice of your website.


Try to include your website URL in all the boxes and include as much information as possible about your real estate business. This is free advertising, to grow your Facebook page and your business organically throughout the web.


Above all, the main reason you want to set up and share your posts on a commercial page, (NOT your personal profile), is that you will have access to Facebook ads. (One of the wonders of the world, and we do not exaggerate).


These ads allow you to target potential customers and owners on Facebook like a laser beam. It will be difficult to know how to use the laser beam, but when you get it, you will understand everything that Facebook puts at your fingertips.


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Error # 2: Inconsistent Voice in Facebook


The second error that we find in the Facebook Marketing for realtors, is the inconsistency. Sometimes you do not know what city or area they are in, whether they are renting, selling real estate or selling ducks.


It is important that you voice your presence on Facebook. You have to go out there and make yourself known; let people know how what a smart and good realtor you are. You have to make yourself noticed, but only to the people that are your potential clients.


You need your potential customers on Facebook, (which are more than you think), to recognize your publications and this is achieved by developing your brand identity. You need your page to have your personality.


Your potential audience, (remember that there are thousands and thousands), should have an idea of ​​who you are, what you do and how you do it. You need this recognition, so they can trust your experience.


Facebook Marketing for Realtors: Diferénciate or Die.

Solution # 2: Define your Personal Brand.


What are your goals as a real estate agent? Earn money? And how are you going to make money with Facebook? Is not it better to set a goal to make the maximum number of potential customers know you so that they can contact you in a certain way? This is a realistic and achievable goal. Setting a goal just to earn money or having many “fans” is for the clueless.


If you have not thought about what you really want to get from Facebook, as well as new businesses, it’s probably your lack of commitment or you do not understand the essence of Facebook.


What are “likes” good for? if none of them is going to buy a house or is interested in selling a house in the next 2-3 months? Actually, as a real estate agent using Facebook, you are in the business of helping people, so your main goal for your Facebook Company page should be to make life easier for your potential customers. You must help them buy real estate and not sell real estate. You have to publish value information on your page.


On Facebook people will follow you for the value you give them. Remember that it is NOT what your client can do for you; It’s what you do for your potential customers.


Your voice is really your mission statement in action. And if you have not already done so, develop a mission statement and keep this in mind every time you post on social networks.


Error # 3: Excess Focus on Sale.


The first rule to succeed on Facebook as a real estate agent is to be social. You have to give your potential customers a reason to visit your page and return to visit it.


If you constantly publish real estate for sale and non-original content, your Facebook page will become not only predictable, but it will alienate your potential audience. Publish and publish real estate for sale without providing recommendations, tips or advice is aggressive social selling. It’s having a boring Facebook Page that directly influences your advertising negatively.


On the one hand, Facebook penalizes you by charging more for your ads and on the other hand, when people interact with your ad, you will see that you will receive fewer requests for information.


Solution # 3: Provide Value


Give your audience a reason to interact with you on Facebook. Interact means that they like your publications; to make a comment or best of all to share your publication.


The best way to achieve this is to publish useful and original content related to your real estate business in your area. You can do this by publishing informative videos, sharing unique photos and sharing content from your real estate blog.


A real estate blog will greatly increase the success of your Facebook Page and will help you get more contacts and more potential customers.


Do not limit yourself to text and image publications; use the video, record videos where you appear giving recommendations or advice. Add visual content to get attention when people move through your news feed.


This does not mean that you should not promote your properties on your Facebook page, but there is a strategy behind this. This strategy is: 80% content and 20% sale.


For now, you’ve probably heard about the 80-20 rule. This is the general percentage applied to balance the content; 80% is captivating, informative or educational content relevant to your audience and 20% is promotional and speaks directly of your real estate products and service.


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Error # 4: Irregular activity


In addition to having an inaccurate brand identity, many realtors fail on Facebook Marketing, because they do not publish regularly. On Facebook you need perseverance, perseverance, and a little faith. Do things well and you will receive your reward; that is, contacts and good customers interested in buying or selling a property in your area.


Publishing when you remember or find it convenient is a waste of time and energy. It is very unlikely that sporadic content will even reach the news of your audience or convince them to visit your page, website and, finally, do business with you.


Solution # 4: Commit yourself to a Schedule.


Just as you need to have a well-developed and consistent personal brand voice, your content must also be published and maintained regularly. You need to establish a work plan.


There are many applications that you can use to manage Facebook along with the rest of your social media platforms. An example is Hootsuite.


But, whether you schedule publications in advance, plan your own editorial calendar, or commit to posting content daily in real time, it’s important to maintain regular activity and make sure your potential customers know they can trust and look forward to your content.


By now you’re probably wondering when is the best time to post. In general, studies indicate that publishing content between 1 p.m. and the 4 p.m. usually receives the most traffic on Facebook and between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm there is the highest click rates, so this is a good place to start.


However, you must have a more realistic perspective of when to publish. If we all publish between 1 p.m. and at 4 p.m the publications will have to compete more with each other. Therefore, publish daily when you can, set a schedule and do it every day. Why not post a Saturday at 11:00 pm?


That said, you’ll need to determine the most successful publication times based on your unique audience. Make it your goal to publish at least once a day and no more than three.


Facebook Marketing for Realtors: You need the statistics.


Error n. ° 5: Ignore the Facts.


Ignoring Facebook statistics and the performance of your posts / ads is a sure way to not get the most out of your posts and your ads.


The only way you can begin to know who your visitors are, what they want and refine your target audience is to keep up with the viewing statistics. This is how you will finally find the most qualified leads online.


Solution # 5: Use Facebook Statistics.


Facebook Insights or Statistics is a built-in tool that Facebook provides you to measure the success of your publications and your ads.


You can keep track of your visitors’ commitment (type of interaction), the progress of the announcement and get to know your audience better. You can identify what type of content is most attractive to your audience and this will help you plan your content strategy to publish and the content of your ads.


Remember that on Facebook, as a Realtor, you are in the business of helping your clients to buy a property and not to sell.


Well, if you do not have a presence on Facebook, go prepare your coffee and then create a personal profile on Facebook and then a Company Page. If you already have a personal and company profile, it is time for you to reflect and mark a program and a strategy to improve your Facebook presence. Do not let your competition pick up the fruits that can easily be yours.


Get Started With Facebook Marketing Services:  Low Cost, High Return Advertising


Getting started with Facebook Marketing is easy to do.  In the vernacular of the technology business, social media advertising is also very scalable.  You can start off with a relatively small budget (less than a hundred dollars) and a small defined demographic.  The analytic data that you will have from such a campaign is very good and allow us to adjust and focus your spend for the greatest return on investment.


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