Contractor Select Program

Contractor Select Program: Providing White Label, Customized, Customer Service For Your Customers

How often have you called into a service center to get that “perfect” customer service rep?  They’re easy to talk to. They’re proficient. And, they seem to understand your issue and your urgency perfectly.  You think you have the problem solved.  So, you tell them that you will call back if there are any issues and ask for a way to reach them directly. There’s a brief moment of silence; then, they inform you that “anyone there can help you” and that there isn’t a direct path back to them!  Scary isn’t it?!?!

  • We all have an area of expertise. We all have areas of interest. Our service technicians and contractors are no different. Many have excellent skills in working with a particular type of client or industry group. Our Contractor Select program allows you to set “preferred service providers” from our contractors.

  • That way, when you find the perfect service rep, you’ll know how to get in touch. For your organization, we can often provide “vanity” email like (if your select contractor is Bob). That way, you can give other 3rd parties (the MLS, printers, newspaper adverting agents, etc…) an easy way to contact your “technical expert” for your digital marketing and technology needs.

  • Of course, it also makes it easier for those professionals and necessary third parties to identify emails from “Bob.” When Bob sends in your ad image to the newspaper or sends an email to the MLS for a technical question, they will be able to identify Bob with you more clearly.

To find out more about the Greenville SC Contractor Select Program, contact us today!