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We are a leading South Carolina marketing consultant, based in Columbia, with an incredible breadth of knowledge concerning marketing and technology for real estate firms. We specialize in local marketing consulting, helping businesses in our community grow and thrive. We have worked with international franchises, small business owners, and ‘mom-and-pop’ firms across North America.  As such, many firms seek out our consulting services to help them maximize the value of their real estate business and ongoing projects.


Our technology consulting typically takes one of two forms:

1)  Management of Projects, or;

2) Technology/Marketing assessments for mergers or other value propositions.

Management of Projects

Often, a client will contact us because they’ve hired another technology company to complete a project for them. For example, creating a specialized golf course website. In the process of doing the project, the client has discovered that the company or freelancer that they hired can’t complete the project.

We can often step in and either save or reorganize the project where we can provide the specialized knowledge/programming to complete the project or move it from its current impasse.

Technology/ Marketing Accessment

We can help you judge the current value of online marketing, including local SEO, as well as present programs and budgets for future needs. Our digital marketing and search engine optimization expertise helps you in assessing your firm's market position and necessary capital spending programs to move you to the next level. We have decades of experience and real case studies to ensure that you have all the knowledge necessary to make the devise the best marketing strategy for your business.

Our skilled marketing consultants understand that technology and local marketing are key ingredients in today's real estate industry. If you're buying or selling a real estate concern, your technical ability is a key component of your firms value as an ongoing concern. We provide strategic consulting on real concerns and their marketing. 

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