Digital Marketing Agency Greenville SC


Digital Marketing For Your Greenville Business

  • Today marketing and technology have merged into Digital Marketing.

  • Whether you’re a Fortune 500 or a small local boutique, you must communicate over the digital landscape. To do that, you must have both the message and means.

  • Digital Marketing is the message. Digital Marketing is about telling your story through today’s most dynamic mediums like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. We can integrate your website as the central hub of your marketing ecosystem. We can automate listings distribution to many platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and many other sources. We can help you craft your story and get it out. We can do all of this at the most competitive prices in the industry.

  • Technology is the means. Regardless of your other skill sets, you will fail in today’s marketplace without technology. Contracts are emailed. Email breaks. Scanners don’t work. Or, you need to communicate using Skype, WhatsApp, etc. because your buyer is international. You had better have a technology expert on your staff. With our IT Help Desk and other programs, you can. And, you can at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time staff person.

  • Charles Interactive is here! And, we are here to make your life easier and more productive. We have the technology that moves YOUR BUSINESS!

Digital Marketing Agency Greenville SC

IDX is how MLS listings end up on a website.

Technology Service and IT Help

We understand small business. We understand the value and necessity of ‘wearing many hats’! If you’re a small business owner, its likely that you do too. And, when we created the idea for Charles, it was with small business at heart and cost efficiency in our head that we took on the model. Today, with so much of your business operations and marketing dependent on technology, you had better have a ‘go to person’ that understands it all. CHARLES can be that ‘person.’ We can be the nerd in the back (sometime ‘way’ in the back like ‘remotely’). So when you need to get your email to work, or the scanner to cooperate, or run Facebook ads, or a million other things that your business will need to do today, tomorrow and in the future to be successful. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that Tech Nerd on staff? Now you can and at a fraction of the cost! Find out about our cutting edge technology services and IT Help that makes your business run smoothly and integrates all your marketing for maximum effectiveness.

Digital Marketing / IT & Training

We know digital marketing for your local business! Our firm understands the power of the internet and social media for your business. Whether you’re a single agent real estate agent or a Fortune 500 company, we can help. We’ve worked with them all. From the one man shop to some of the largest companies in North America. We understand how to bring the best of technology to your business.We make your website, social media and other advertising work in lock-step to ensure your maximize your reach and most effectively spend your budget. And, because we provide an integrated IT Service and Technology Training component, you and your staff will actually be trained on how to use the system and have a ‘go to’ when things don’t work or you need to learn something new! So, when the new ‘latest and greatest’ internet marketing comes out or you need to know how to integrate SalesForce or other CRM to help your sales skyrocket, we will be their to guide you through it—low cost, high value.

Local Advertising, SEO and Consulting

If you’re like the majority of small businesses, the majority of your traffic is, well, local! That means showing up using local advertising (websites, tv, newspaper, etc…), Google Searches and Google Maps, niche websites (like,, etc.) are all vitally important your businesses success.

Here’s the important part. We have the contacts and consulting arrangements to get your business correctly positioned to dominate locally—to become the “local expert”. Moreover, we have the expertise to help you evaluate things like conversion rates, click thru and a million other metrics on the “local level” to help you evaluate your return on investment (ROI) and whether whatever the opportunity is will actually move you closer to your goals. And, with our technology expertise, we can help you evaluate and monitor on a long term basis and correct course when necessary. Our technology consulting will save you time and money!

Technology The Lets Your Real Estate Business Succeed in Greenville SC

Your Own IT & Marketing Staff

We insure that all your marketing is consistent across internet. Whether a client is looking at your website design, social media (Facebook, YELP or Twitter) or searching on Google, we will build a marketing system that clearly and effectively communicates your brand to the world!

We also ensure your business is able to service those clients by providing the technology support system that today’s modern real estate business demands. Find out how we can provide you with the technology that moves real estate!