Leveraging Local Online Marketing Using Entire Community

If you’re looking to succeed in your local market, you need to be visible in your local market.

How do you accomplish that on a budget that is feasible for a small business?

HERE! is how. We build specialized community websites. Websites about your community (its local businesses, restaurants, shopping centers, community services, government and public services) and then advertise it to drive traffic interested in your community to the website. We allow area businesses to add their links free of charge—accordingly; the community is always active and growing. Best of all, we put your business right in the middle of all the traffic!

Do you think it is advantageous to build your brand with your local customer, people that are driving by and living in your community every day?  You bet it is!

If you like the concept, let’s talk about the mechanics.

You’re HERE! Claim Your Place In The Market

Sponsorship: Dominate Your HERE! Wherever That Is.

If you’re an area professional—a dentist, lawyer, or Real Estate Agent, for example—what is worth to be THE VOICE in the community in your profession? Think about it. We create a unique ecosystem of local and community businesses then we create a constant and consistent stream of traffic of people uniquely interested in YOUR AREA by using geotargeted and keyword driven advertising on major search engines like Google and BING as well as local media websites.

As a practical example, let’s say that you’re a real estate agent or real estate agency office manager.  What is worth for all the local listing in your HERE! Community to branded to you?  What is worth for all the leads for listings in your city/community to be funneled back to you?  Think about it.  You have an audience that has an interest in your area.  You have the platform “to sell” the community.  You have both the opportunity and information to develop a client relationship in a truly non-threating and value added environment.  Show all the HOMES IN YOUR AREA, create a SHOWCASE (FEATURED) PROPERTIES and provide services like “HOW MUCH IS MY HOME WORTH.”  This is the power of HERE!

Free Advertising: Glad your HERE!

We offer a link to your website absolutely and completely free! Our only restriction is that if you’re in a competing business with one of our sponsors, then we can’t offer you a free ad (we have to help our sponsors in every way possible—sounds fair, right?) At the bottom of every HERE! Site is a FREE REGISTRATION BANNER.Just input the requested information on the form, and we will add your business. That’s it! No fees. No requirement to add a credit card. Within a day or two, your business will be on the website and be enjoying the incredible advertising of the site (read more below).

Like any good marketing firm, if we have an opportunity that we think may have benefit for your business, we will send you the information. But, whether you participate in future programs or not, we are happy to welcome your business aboard! And, as always, we appreciate any opinion or advice that you might have on how we can make the website even better!

Would you like to add your Business ?

Finding HERE! The Power Of Advertising

Now, here is the powerhouse of HERE! As you can see, we have created the right ecosystem for all the area businesses. And, we are constantly adding new businesses to the information pages (as long as they don’t compete directly with our sponsors). Also, we have created social media channels like Facebook and Twitter for our community sites. Accordingly, you can enjoy being listed on a website that is integral to your community.

But, how do people find it?!?

We have used the most powerful online advertising methods to ensure that HERE! is where people searching the internet will want to be! The site is advertised across many online media standards like AOL and How Things Work. The site’s advertising is targeted both by area and topic searches. For instance, someone searching in Lexington SC for a new Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe on Cafe Mom may also be interested in restaurants, specialty shops or grocery stores in the area. We are also able to identify local media sources—like the local newspaper, TV station, etc—and provide redirect advertising. Simply put, this means that people that have been to those websites will see the community website advertising. This advertising is high-value advertising! And, you will benefit!

Most small businesses or professionals can only dream of this constant area and topic-specific exposure. We take the work out of advertising for you! And, we leverage the incredible power of your local community to create an ongoing source of potential customers for your business.

Wishing You Were HERE! Yet? We Hoped You Would

Okay! It’s up to you now. This is the part where you take action! If you found this page as result on an existing HERE! website, now you know more about it. If you would like a FREE Listing, simply go to that website and click on the “Would You Like To Add Your Business” banner (or you can fill out the contact form below).

If you would like more information on Sponsoring a HERE! site, please take a moment to fill out the contact form below. And, remember, HERE! can be anywhere that you want it to be. If you’re a real estate agent, HERE! maybe a large neighborhood, condo development, resort area or a Lake that you’re trying to ‘farm.’ We can help with that. We can take the MLS data and create exactly the right listings for that particular area. If you’re representing a cause, or organization, or other assembly of like-minded folks, HERE! can help you build and promote that community as well.

Just remember, we’re HERE! And, we are ready to help you with whatever your needs may be. So, let’s get this ball rolling!