Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing: Building Your Brand In A World Wide Community

Social media marketing like FacebookTwitterYoutube and YELP is BIG!  And, its only getting bigger.

Today, it is imperative that you focus your brand on the power of social media.  Savvy marketers have long been aware that customer loyalty is established and re-established at each interaction a brand makes with customers.  Usually referred to as touch points, those interactions are vital to building and maintaining strong customer relationships.  

Loyal customers do not only buy more or buy more frequently, but they also make purchases without considering alternatives or competitors to your brand.  
Each interaction you have with your customers provides the opportunity to reinforce the satisfaction they have experienced with previous interactions, thus solidifying their loyalty to your brand.

Why Is Social Media Marketing Important?

The reasons for an active social media marketing program is abundantly clear; however, here are some additional considerations of the particular advantages:


  • Engagement.  Unlike other advertising sources, social media gives you an opportunity to get a “look,” both literally and figuratively, at your potential client and demographics.  In addition, advertising on social media can be “targeted” specifically to pre-defined demographics.


  • Immediacy.  You can respond to problems or devastating PR events immediately.  If you are careful in constructing an ongoing platform of social media, it can become your media rapid deployment force.

  • Competition.  Your competition either is engaging in social media now or will be soon.  Building an audience that is predisposed to your marketing message gives you critical mass to engage customers and launch new products.


  • Medium.  Overall, social media is a better environment to engage your potential customers.  Social media users consider advertising less intrusive than other classic advertising methods; accordingly, you have a more significant opportunity to get your message out.


  • Intelligence.  You will both find new customers, and new customers will see you.  Social media is so large that it will allow you to use ‘big data’ to discover potential customers that may well be outside of your target demographic.  This larger audience will grant you the greater insight in distribution and service area.


Simply put, Social Media is a key component of today’s advertising arsenal, and you need a firm that does it well.  We do!