IT Services for Real Estate: Keep Doing Real Estate, We’ll Do the Tech

A recent joint study by Google/NAR indicated that almost 90% of all home buying activity starts on the internet.  You understand that with today’s level of interaction between your agents and potential clients that having technology that works has never been more important.  Unfortunately, the market place understands it too.  Great technology workers command a high premium in the workplace and often don’t stay in one place for long.  And, to find highly competent help in the technology field, salaries can often approach 6 figures or more.

So, what do you do?  If you run a small to midsized real estate agency, the cost of employing an in house IT person or department may be cost prohibitive—especially, if you want the perspective of a team to ensure that your real estate firm is working with the latest and greatest technology.  You need seasoned professionals that understand IDX/RETS/MLS integration as well as the unique needs of Realtors.  You need a tech staff that understands the time pressures that are unique to real estate like closings, appraisals and eviction hearings.

We can help!  With our great team of technology professionals.  We can offer your firm and agents great service at great prices!  You will never have to worry if your technology is up-to-speed, and you will have a great team of professionals to offer your agents real time support with their technology needs.  Often, our technology experts can log into your agency computers (or agents computers) and get your folks moving again.  More time closing deals and less time researching every problem under the sun on Google!

Do you think that it impacts deal flow?  You bet it does!  Do you think it increases agents and staffs quality of life when they can simply reach out to have issues fixed rather than deal with them all day?

Our affordable programs start at $150 a month and are customized to fit your usage and needs!

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