White Label Technology Services

White Label Technology & Support Services For Your Business: Work With The Best In The Business

Charles Interactive team of experts supports your product by providing a transparent extension to your internal technical team. We can set up a dedicated, local number for your firm, connect to your chat engine, ticketing (fresh-desk, slack or other vendors) and handle your inbound customer communications under your company brand.  In many cases, we can even provide an incoming email address that will be linked to your company domain but forwards to our technician, service contractor, or consultant (techsupport@yourdomain.com, help@yourdomain.com, tom@yourdomain.com (with Contractor Select Program)).
Our trained professionals will not only identify themselves as part of your organization, but they will also impart a positive and lasting impression that will echo your company’s branding in customer care.If you’re a technology or marketing firm looking for a method to support your clients without hiring expensive IT professionals or going through hundreds of unproven freelancers and private contractors, use our service.  Rates are extremely competitive (usually 40-50% below national average prices) and allow you to use the services, IT Help Desk, and product support as a profit center for your business.For a free consultation, contact us.