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The business world is currently undergoing a profound transformation in the way of promoting products and communicating them in the market. Launching your Digital Marketing strategy in real estate and positioning your real estate developments will be very simple with these 10 keys for your actions.


The vast real estate business always involved contractual transactions between objects, goods and people. In order for your company to prosper in an increasingly interconnected world, you must focus on something much more complex than the mere promotion of your real estate portfolio or the name of your company.


In this specialized section, Charles Interactive will present you a series of key questions to then discuss the Digital Marketing strategies in the Real Estate together leading to the success of your business and a series of tips to do real estate Marketing.


Apart from knowing only how many people visit your offices or what they do when they enter your website, aligning your actions with Performance Marketing allows you to measure and monitor your online performance according to a series of indicators. Thus, you will be able to know what influence you have in your industry, who or what your potential clients need, and how to develop a humanized brand image.


Would you like to know the strengths and weaknesses of your methods of attraction and conversion? Well, these two articles will give you a broad view on the areas in which you should pay more attention, in addition to discovering how effective the actions you have already done are.


Six questions to answer for a Digital Marketing strategy in Real Estate

Instances of the real estate business are increasingly digital, from the promotion, the counteroffer, the transaction, documentation and the operation itself. Do you wonder how to enter these actions and developments online? Well, a route from the destination to where you want to go will serve as an anchor to make decisions in a hurry but rather in tune with the raison d’être of your real estate.


If you have already accepted that the digital economy is here to stay, your real estate business should evolve based on it, making it better than your competition. The call of Charles Interactive is to do it already answering these questions:



  1. What digital bet would you be willing to do within traditional marketing? Would you be aggressively digital or would you try to absorb traditional spaces to the extreme?
  2. What digital places would you like to occupy to build your online brand?
  3. What type and frequency of contents will you be able to produce to fill those spaces? How creative and active is your team to talk about the real estate sector in online spaces?
  4. What intensity in the capture of leads and in the interaction with your customers will you do on the Internet?
  5. With what teams of people, suppliers and specialists in Digital Marketing in Real Estate would you work and with what metrics would you measure your actions?
  6. What aspects would you choose so that your digital strategy allows you to be “different” from your competitors? Would you bet on audiovisual content, the ability to respond, empathy and interaction in social media? You have a lot of possibilities waiting for you!


Digital Marketing Real Estate Columbia SC


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Marketing strategies for real estate success

After extensive research, Charles Interactive has created a model with categories and variables that your company should define and work as a team. Pay attention to the steps of this pilot structure and you will come to develop your own Action Plan!


Develop a coherent brand image: To make an excellent and striking brand image, you must have an unparalleled graphic designer, willing to innovate and produce easy-to-remember materials that correctly express all the semantic levels of your brand. Surrounding yourself with a visual professional will help you to have a corporate image that flee from all fashions and is attractive, memorable and adaptable to all communication formats.


Humanize the brand: Customize your real estate offer with attributes that humanize it. For example, take care of the institutional section on your website (About us), encourage your team to talk about the business in their personal social networks, use a case of success and loyalty to generate the contagious effect on your prospects, show a tour historical that shows what has cost the growth of your business and the effort you have put to get there.


Interact with clients: Talk to them and know what their tastes and real estate preferences are, how much they are willing to pay, how many environments they are looking for and with what comforts, what their geographical needs are and what the mode of payment would be like.


Open your own domain on the Internet: If you dare, it will be very important for your image that your emails come from your own domain and not from a generic provider such as Google. This will improve SEO and you will be better remembered by your clients with a serious institutional image.


Connecting traditional media with digital media: There are real estate agents that work very effectively with traditional media such as press advertisements. However, the digital exponentially multiplies the effectiveness of your business strategy. Study what part of your Marketing Plan does not work perfectly and you can turn to digital, if you will take almost everything to Digital Marketing in Real Estate or you will section out parts of your industry.


Having a web page and a blog with quality content: Devotees of Content Marketing, Charles Interactive considers the web as the place where all the digital media used can converge: Email Marketing campaigns, Landing Page, social networks, flyers , banners or pop-ups on associated pages.


Create virtual and panoramic visits of your real estate portfolio: Now that you have a website or a blog, we assure you that they will be especially useful to show places that stand out for their interesting views, for the wide or luminous spaces, places with garden or common areas well distributed, or why not to show the environment where the property is located.


Work with good mobile devices: The work of a real estate agent takes place largely on the street. Make sure your salespeople have smartphones, with an internet connection and a considerable screen resolution.


Use Email Marketing as a point of contact: If you still do not perform these actions, sending an Email Marketing Campaign periodically will be useful to share promotions or news. A promotional email, a Newsletter or a seasonal campaign will help you to be in contact with your customers on a regular basis.


Our conclusion is not to be afraid of the real estate businesses 2.0 or to innovate. Position yourself as a company that sells real estate and effectively solve the needs of your customers based on a fluid follow-up of the demands will be possible if you apply the parts of the strategic model that we have developed for you from Charles Interactive.