Top Content Marketing Strategies to Try this January in 2022

January 2022 can symbolize the beginning of content marketing to build interests, stream live movies, write about national vacations, report industry information, and visually reveal interesting industry information.

Content marketing is the act of curating or creating content material such as articles, podcasts, videos, and images and then publishing as well as promoting that content material to attract, engage, and retain a target audience of customers and prospective customers.

Here are 5 content marketing suggestions you can try this January.

1 . Create a Content-driven Community

In modern-day highly digital as well as connected society, it is funny to think individuals can still feel shut off from others. With the number of people who communicate on the internet, behind screens, this particular connected world can in fact feel rather lonesome at times. This applies to personal relationships along with business relationships – specifically between brand names and their customers along with brands and their workers.

Content marketing is definitely a driver associated with the community. Think about exactly how Netflix a content advertising agency, created a community across several social networking platforms using the @NetflixIsAJoke.

Publishing humorous videos, memes, as well as posts, Netflix gained almost five million followers, and subscribers throughout Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Netflix constructed a community of social networking followers and followers across several systems.

For your company’s Jan 2021 content advertising, consider taking this step further and a private, content-driven local community for your customers. You could utilize a Facebook Team, or begin a community using Great Networks, Zapnito, Group, or similar systems. To attract members, ask each new client to join your personal community when he or she makes a purchase. Then fill up your community along with compelling content.


2. Start a Live Movie Series

January really is a great time to try brand new things. For many of the customers, those brand new things are available in the form of a New Year’s resolution. So why not take action similar and solve to provide a live stream movie at least once per week for every 2022? Your every week live stream could be dedicated to the products you market.

3. Concentrate on National Holidays

Jan is full of national vacations, including New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Time, and lesser-known times, such as National Weakling Mary Day, Nationwide Science Fiction Time, and National Headwear Day. Brand new Year’s Day, which is often celebrated along with fireworks, is a sort of a holiday you might talk about.

For your company’s Jan 2021 content advertising, pick one or two of those holidays and create content articles that describe a brief history of the event, provide suggestions of how to signify, or connect the vacation to your business or if your products.


4. Industry Information Stories

In Jan 2022, ask yourself if your company has an opportunity to turn into a real news resource for your industry.

This might be a challenge. It would need a relatively large investment decision in your content advertising, but it may be gratifying both in terms of audience engagement as well as search engine benefits.


5. Graph of the Week or Month

A picture is worth 1000 words. A good idea would be to present interesting and surprising facts about the industry in the form of a graph.